Black Cat's Cabs

Peace with neighbours is an important thing. Thus a certain black cat decided to bother them with weird noises for a couple days to record all the cabinets, speakers and microphones she owned so that she could play guitar through her PC during day and night without a fear of upsetting that harmonious neighbourhood life. As a result, a huge IR file library was created.

Black Cat's Cabs

About 2040 different guitar cabinet impulse response files at 48kHz 24-bit .wav format. For free, of course.

Download .wav-library (47 MB):

-Recorded by driving the test sound thru Peavey CS-200X power amp to Ibanez TBX150R combo and to Harley-Benton G212 cabinet.

-5 speaker models: Celestion Vintage 30, WGS Veteran 30, WGS Reaper HP, Ibanez IS1208G and HB G212 cabinet's original speakers (which resembles Celestion's G12H75).

10 microphones: 
 1. Röde NT1-A (Large condenser)
 2. Behringer C2 (Small condenser)

 3. AKG P17 (Small condenser)
 4. AKG P4 (Instrument dynamic)
 5. T.Bone MB75 (SM57 copy)
 6. Okay DM-801 (Cheap yet surprisingly good dynamic)
 7. Behringer XM8500 (Dynamic)
 8. Sennheiser e815 (Dynamic)
 9. AKG P2 (Bass dynamic)
10. Shure SM57

12 microphone positions


Center - Mid - Edge


On-Axis - 45° Off-Axis - 90° Off-Axis - Fredman

Note: These might seem like lacking bass compared to lots of other impulse responses. This is due to using 2x12" cabs instead of 4x12" which means less volume inside the cab and therefore 3-7dB less below 200Hz compared to usual 4x12" IRs. But as such, these impulses cut through well while leaving room for bassist. Guitar is a mid-range instrument, after all.

In case, you don't have an IR loader software yet, there's a few good free ones.

Poulin LeCab 2

An IR loader VST plugin with lots of useful features like loading multiple impulses at once to make a blend, filters and stuff. LePou's website also has a free plugin amp pack which includes a recto and some ENGL simulators. For free.

LePou's website:


A simple but effective IR loader. And light, on top of that. It has gain, mix and length knobs which are enough for any basic uses.

KeFIR's website:

Ignite NadIR

An IR loader with dual-impulse cability, filters, delay and panning. So kind of a halfway between LeCab 2 and the more simplistic IR loaders. Ignite Amps also has some free amp simulators for metal so grab an amp sim, IR loader, Black Cat's Cabs and DJENT!

Ignite's website:

Nick Crow's metal amps

If you like hard rock or scandinavian metal sound (read: djent), Nick Crow's has a couple very good amp sims for you. Their free 7170 and 8505 (obviously sims of Peavey 5150 and 6505) amp simulations are perhaps some of the best around.

Nick Crow's website:

TSE Audio's guitar softwares

TSE isn't known for IR loader, but they have a couple good OD freebies (TS808 and RAT sims), a decent amp sim and a bass overdrive/DI sim. Click on the boxes at left side to choose the product.

TSE Audio's website:

PVamps's amp simulators

Some free, some paid amps modeled after various popular amps.

PVamps's website:


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